2022 Edition


A book for watch lovers, by watch lovers. A reflection of 2022 in watches; celebrating the best of design and complication — and a reference for years to come.

ISBN: 978-1-7392043-0-3
Charity donation information

£2 of all 2022 Edition sales will be donated to charity:

Every year we pledge to donate to a good cause, and like so many in 2022, we have been deeply moved by the conflict seen in Ukraine, and by the extraordinary resolve of the Ukrainian people over the last 12 months. All too often, it is the children who suffer the highest toll in these settings. That’s why we wanted to support the humanitarian aid charity War Child this year. Tragically, one in every six children in the world today are affected by armed conflict – torn from home and families, often stranded at borders without food, water or shelter. The War Child team works around the clock in places like Ukraine, Yemen and Afghanistan to get children the life-saving aid and psychological care they need, fast. This year we are proud to donate £2.00 per book sold to War Child. You can learn more about the charity’s work at warchild.org.uk.

CEO Letters

We are incredibly proud to have letters from:

— A. Lange & Söhne's Mr. Wilhelm Schmidt;

— anOrdain's Mr. Lewis Heath;

— Bvlgari Watches’ Mr. Antoine Pin;

— Furlan Marri’s Mr. Andrea Furlan;

— Greubel Forsey's Mr. Antonio Calce;

— Mr. Laurent Ferrier & Mr. François Servanin;

— Naoya Hida & Co's Mr. Naoya Hida.


This book wouldn't exist without our incredible contributors... all 100 of them. Here they are in all their glory:

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