Octo Finissimo Tadao Ando V2

“The Japanese concept of Mikazuki is referenced by the crescent moon shape on the dial, and this symbolises the transient nature of time itself... the moon itself breaks up the otherwise intense blue dial with the now-famous Tadao Ando circles. This makes it an unmistakable watch, which is probably one of my favourite characteristics in a timepiece. It also packs a micro-rotor, is made of ceramic which is a first for me, and it doesn’t have a date, making it easy to set quickly. The fact that it is limited to 160 pieces means I’m not likely to see anyone else wearing it in a hurry, and that too, is quite appealing. I was always keen to own an Octo Finissimo, and this one helps me do so while offering a little extra pizzazz — which, of course, makes all the difference!"

By @Kingflum, United Kingdom